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How To Cash In On Non-Emergency Transportation of People In Need With Your Regular Car
Created By Chris Dun
"Discover Companies Begging to Hire You to
Drive their Clients to Medical Appointments in Your Car"
“Hand’s Down The EASIEST Way To Start Your Very Own Business!”
Let’s face it, you dream of owning your own business and want to work for yourself…and most of all, want to make great money along the way. The problem is, most business start-ups can cost a fortune in the beginning. You have to get a bank loan, invest in inventory, hire employees, and more. This can equal to thousands of dollars right away before you ever make ONE PENNY of profit. Yikes!

The other option is creating your own online business. The advantage of this is you don’t have to invest as much money. But the downside is you have to know WHAT to sell, HOW to sell it, and also HOW to find hungry buyers that want to buy what you are selling. There are already millions of websites online that you’d have to compete with and also very savvy online business owners who already have years or even decades of marketing/design and selling experience online.
The last option is go back to school and learn a new trade that you could transform into your own business. But once again, you’ll have to shell out thousands of dollars in training, AND you’ll have to sacrifice a lot of time (it could take years) to finally make it. And in the end, you may not really love what you do, and it can still cost you thousands of dollars to start your own business…
“What you need is a business that you can start that requires the most MINIMAL
amount of skills necessary to make the BIGGEST profits possible…”
This almost sounds impossible. And if you were to tell someone this type of opportunity exists, most people would simply laugh at you. They might think you’re crazy or that you’re just using “wishful thinking”. Or heck, they may just think you’re lazy and a dreamer.
21 But you’re about to be the one who get’s the last laugh…

“You’ll be the one laughing all the way to the bank while they continue to slave away at their dead-end, 9-5 jobs that they hate…”

…AND you’ll be making more money than they do, working part time!

You’ll become an INSTANT ENTREPRENEUR… without the need for a ton of skills or wasting money on training, inventory, etc.
“Welcome To The Lucrative Dream Business Of
Becoming A Successful PNEMT Driver!”
PNEMT stands for: “Private, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation”. Ok, so let me explain to you exactly what a PNEMT driver does, and how easy it is to profit from. If you know how to drive a car, and own a clean and reliable vehicle…plus you are punctual and on time, then that’s all you need to be a success as a PNEMT driver. No CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) required, and you don’t have to invest in any other type of vehicle.

PNEMT drivers do one thing and it’s VERY simple…They drive patients to their doctor appointments. It’s as simple as that.

Unlike most new businesses that have to hire employees, find a location for their business and invest in inventory…YOUR VEHICLE is your place of business. Nothing more. It’s shocking how many patients there are that are in desperate need for driver’s just like yourself to get them to their medical appointments.
“Did you know there are 11 companies, right now, that you’ve never even
heard of that are in great need of drivers just like yourself…and they are willing to pay you
premium rates to do the job?”
This could be driving patients to their weekly PT appointments, rehab, or even general checkup appointments for the elderly. Not only will you be making money driving them to their appointments, but you’ll also be working for yourself (but not by yourself)…AND you’ll be providing an amazing service to people who need your help.

It’s a WIN-WIN for both you, and the clients that you drive. It sure beats working a 40-hour a week job in some stuffy cubicle or slaving away at a job you hate every day. Plus, you can work as many hours as you choose. The more you drive, the more you get paid!
While typical truck drivers only earn around 28 CENTS a mile to start,
you’ll be making on average of nearly $2.50 per mile!
“So How Can You Discover Which 11 Companies Are
Hiring So You Can Get Started Today?”
The biggest way to break into this industry and to finally work for yourself is knowing not only knowing WHO these 11 companies are, but also the STEP-BY-STEP process, tips and methods to ensure that you have the most success possible as a driver.

If you don’t know WHO is hiring and HOW to properly drive and operate as a PNEMT driver, then you won’t succeed and you’ll end up having to continue to work a dreaded day job again.

I don’t want you to have to do that. I want you to make the most of this rare opportunity so you can be your own boss, make great money, and finally DO SOMETHING THAT YOU’LL LOVE TO DO!

That’s why I’ve created this detailed manual and system just for you…
“Introducing the Road To Financial Freedom:
How To Cash In On Non-Emergency Transportation
of People In Need With Your Regular Car”
This is the ONE single system you’ll need to successfully become a
PNEMT driver, as well as get complete access to the 11 biggest
companies who are ready to hire you right away!
“Here’s A Quick SNEAK PEEK of What You’ll Discover Inside
The Road To Financial Freedom Manual…”
  • Discover how to finally say GOODBYE to your dreaded 9-5 day job, and say HELLO to being your own boss, making your own hours and making easy money!
  • Find out 5 TRICKS to increase your own revenue. Even using just one or two of these tricks will BOOST your overall earnings!
  • On page 55 in The Road To Financial Freedom you’ll discover the simple 2-letter word that is holding you back from this amazing career (Hint: It’s NOT the word “No”)
  • Learn how to get paid even if you DON’T give a client a ride to their appointment. Yes, it’s true, and once you see how it’s done…you’ll be shocked at how simple it is!
  • Discover the 13 dead-simple and realistic responsibilities you’ll need to have massive success as a PNEMT driver. These are easier than you think!
  • Find out overcome your fears, limitations and doubts to get over the hurdle to the success you deserve the most. See page 49 in the manual!
  • Understand the 9 SIMPLE VEHICL STANDARDS your car must meet in order to start driving as a PNEMT driver. I reveal all 9 of these on page 11.
  • Learn the importance of “logging”, what to do if your client is a child, and the ONE time you’ll never have to drive a client anywhere (this will surprise you!)
  • Discover the 6-letter word that you NEVER want to let slip from your lips as a PNEMT driver. Doing this could jeopardize your success!
  • Find out the 4 different rate terms you’ll be paid, who will pay you and when, plus so much more. Understanding these terms are critical to knowing how it all works!
  • Discover the extremely powerful, Multiple-Streams-Of-Cash-Flow Strategy that will put even more profits in your pockets!
  • Learn how to only work only 17 hours per week, and make a really nice full-time income along the way. You’ll consider your work not even a “job” because it’s so easy!
You’ll Discover ALL The Vital Information Above Plus SO Much More In This
One Amazing “How To” PNEMT Driving Manual!
“Ok, So All This Sounds Too Good To Be True. What’s The Catch?”
Something this easy to make this kind of money has to have a catch, right? Well, the truth is…it doesn’t. The fact of the matter is, our population is growing at a rapid rate, and not everyone has the luxury of being able to drive themselves to their own medical appointments. This is true in all 50 states in the USA…and the numbers are even growing!
Here are a few common questions that are asked about being a PNEMT driver…
“Are there opportunities to drive where I live, or will I need to move to a bigger city?”
If your town or city has any types of medical institutions like hospitals, health practices, etc. that people need to visit for medical appointments, then the opportunity for you to drive exists. In fact, even if you are in a smaller area, this might give you even MORE opportunity because no one else might be even aware of this type of business. This means you may get all the business you’ll need, and even more!
“Can this business be created even when times are tough, and people are looking for work?”
Absolutely! Even when the economy is struggling and people are desperate for work, this has NO impact on the need for people to get to their medical appointments. This is something that people will always need and makes this type of job “evergreen”…meaning, it will never change. And if you’re worried about other people learning about this unique type of job opportunity, the majority of people don’t even know it exists! This gives you the opportunity to get all the clients you need!
“How long will it take for me to learn what to do and to understand how it all works?””
Driving is 90% of this business. And that’s something you already know how to do. You’ve been doing it your whole life. The rest are just minor details that you can learn in just a few days once you go through everything lined out for you in the Road To Financial Freedom manual. This means you can start earning money in as little as one week after reading the manual!
“You’re One Step Away From Real Success!
Here’s Living PROOF That This System Works!”
“The Choice Is Now All Up To You…What’s It Going To Be?”
The Road To Financial Freedom is your opportunity to finally work for yourself, work less and make more money and enjoy what you do. This is a “recession proof”, evergreen business that will always be in demand. The SOONER you join, the better. Once others learn about this opportunity, it may be to late for you.

If you were to get training from anywhere else, the insider information could cost you from anywhere from $697 to $999. But when you invest in The Road To Financial Freedom today you’re geting ALL the information you need, get access to the top 11 companies who are ready to hire you, plus SO much for ONLY $90.97
“This is ONE COMPLETE SYSTEM that will show you, step-by-step, on how
to become a highly successful PNEMT driver. Period.”
Think About This: If you think $90.97 to invest in this business system is too expensive, try to find anything else that can beat it or is easier to start and then come back. Once you start earning $50 per hour, by simply driving your car, that initial $90.97 investment will be paid off in a matter of a few days only.

And I want to make this deal even sweeter for you. That’s why I want to offer you this as well…
“You’ll Get Over $637.97 In FREE Bonus Support and Upgrades…
Only If You Invest In The Road To Financial Freedom Today!”
Here’s a more detailed look at what all these bonuses and support include.
  • Free Upgrade to Priority Shipping by the USPS a $10 Value
  • Bonus Quick Start CD – Your Super-Fast NEMT “GPS” to the Profits. $40 Value
  • On-Going Coaching and Support - $587.97 Value
You may remember among those top reasons most businesses fail is lacking a mentor. Well, for as long as you need, I’ll be just a phone call away. You’ll get my personal cell phone number and I promise to answer the phone at any hour of the day. And, if I cannot answer, I’ll return your call within 24 hours.

And if you want to call up just to say “Thank you” when you’re cashing your first check as a well paid NEMT professional, that’s a great use of the number too!
“And Lastly, Invest Today &
Become Your Own Boss!”
“YES! I’m Ready To Invest In The Road To Financial Freedom So I Can Get Started With My Own Business In As Little As A Few Days!”
I’m really excited for you to take on this opportunity, and I know you’re going to love becoming a successful PNEMT driver! I look forward to hearing about all your upcoming success!

Thank you again!

Chris Dun
Author & Creator of The Road To Financial Freedom System
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